Execution Consulting

You have identified a market opportunity, you have identified your sources of financing, you have the product know-how, what you need now is a plan to enter a new market to enable you to successfully deliver on the market's potential. You need to know the extent of the resources you will require, the likely response of the market and the competition. Once you decide to engage the market with all your resources, you will need a comprehensive plan for execution to plan for contingencies, to know the extent of your resources and to refer to when there are unforeseen difficulties.

Zone Consulting has developed a highly successful business plan methodology that has served diverse companies in their quest to map the market potential to commercial success.

Your instincts tell you that there's market potential, you need to know the size of the market and the right product configuration and marketing plan to fit the local conditions. You are ready to move, you have the goal in sight, you are confident of your assets. You need to make sure that when you engage the plan you have your resources aligned with the market. You need a comprehensive plan to align all your assets, finances and people. Looking ahead, you need to plan for contingencies, opportunities and change. You need a roadmap that is clear, with the ability to adapt if conditions changes.


Zone Consulting uses a Feasibility - Response - Technology - Success framework to gauge and manage risk in opening new markets, implementing new technologies, and staffing with the right resources:

  • What is the business case?
  • Where do the market opportunities lie?
  • How fit are you to take on the challenge?
  • What are your goals?
  • When must you reach them?
  • What does the market value?
  • How can you leverage existing resources?
  • What resources need to be brought in?
  • What are the financial requirements?
  • Can you measure success?
  • How will you know if you are succeeding?
  • What must go right to ensure your business plan succeeds?
  • What technologies will you need?
  • How can they be deployed efficiently?

Who Benefits?

  • Private equity firms driving growth of new acquisitions in new markets
  • Franchise owners seeking to roll out their franchise into new markets
  • Franchise bidders seeking to win a franchise through bidding competitively
  • SME owners who are making their first moves into new countries or investing in new product and service markets

Case Studies of Success

foodbuzz - Sri Lankan investors successfully win major Singapore-based food and beverage franchise

foodbuzz, a Sri Lankan FnB investment manager, engaged our services to prepare a comprehensive business plan to present to regional bakery chain leader breadTalk, based in Singapore, in order to win the Sri Lankan national franchise ownership rights, and prepare for the first 3 years of business expansion in Sri Lanka. Within a few weeks, the team had performed a strategic analysis of the Sri Lankan market, using the consumption patterns for bakery products in Sri Lanka as their strategic pivot, rather than expected patterns supplied by the franchise owner from other countries.

Using the consumption patterns model, we identified the most valuable pricing model to successfully differentiate between foodbuzz's new product, and the incumbent players, from a price and product configuration point of view. Our consultants determined the most likely to succeed locations for the franchise's outlets and planned the operational costs and revenues model for the subsequent three years. Bottom line: by identifying that the pivot of the marketing and strategic plan revolved around analysing consumer patterns and cultural influences on food consumption, we prepared the most compelling and thorough business plan, taking advantage of world class strategic frameworks and marketing and segmentation techniques, delivering the franchise to foodbuzz.

Straits Wine Company - International investors bring Malaysian beverage chain to Singapore

The Singapore Straits Wine company engaged our consultants to prepare the expansion business plan for the Denise wine chain, a market leader in Malaysia, into the Singapore market. By performing an exhaustive analysis of wine consumption patterns in Singapore, identifying the potential to alter the perception of wine as an exclusive drink for foreigners and the wealthy elite to one fitting into Singaporean consumption habits through appropriate marketing and location choice, our consultants produced the expansion business plan that became in the words of a senior executive, "my bible".